Goodbyes. The hardest to say, saddest to feel and painful to hear. Relationships end so as people dies. However, it is unbearable to say goodbye to the living. Wherein, you’ll part ways and seperate paths to trail.

When we go to separate fields of expertise; different industry; miles apart places; breakups. We leave our friends and colleagues, it is inevitable especially when one is pursuing a higher position or opportunities. I’m experiencing these.

I may seem apathetic in all social relationships and discussions but in fact I was the one who’s seriously concerned about them. I’m giving more than I could; the passion to success. Unfortunately, most of the times I fail to deliver it properly. There are always lapses and shortcomings that makes me feel distressed.

I want to make it perfect and proper as it is my responsibility as well as my credibility is at stake. Failures indeed strengthen us, hammering us until we get broad and impregnable. But, there are still heat that could melt us down which in this case our emotions.

No matter how hard we got sharpened, goodbyes are still mentally and emotionally inflicting us through. So, I will cry slightly then move on. As if it’s easy.


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