The Dawn of all Happiness, the Night of all Daylight, the Opposite of Faith & the Feelings after Love.

Negative emotions swirling around my path to retribution. In all sides, there’s no hope but darkness. Numbing coldness chills through my bones; no warmth. Silence. It’s all about tranquility but not as relaxing like we’ve all aiming for. Deafening silence. Loneliness. I’m blinded by these darkness. Rejection.

I closed my eyes it’s black even if it’s open nothing could be seen. Whispers. Murmuring in my mind, “Why are you alone?”, “You’ve been forsaken”, “You’re pitiful”. I didn’t accept those voices “No!” I still have them… but then I pointed a place… but then I saw. Darkness. Nothing. I cried. But no one could see. I screamed but no one was able to hear.
Darkness just accompany me. You’re my one last friend.


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