I stepped out from my comfort zone, learnt how to become confident and to keep the positive mindset. I’m quite adaptive and talkative but for some reason I kept on being isolated. I don’t have childhood friends for they became all distant to me; those cousins of mine aren’t that open to me; I don’t even a bestfriend — a real one; and those college friends have their own businesses. 

I’m here all alone, immersing myself with books and games. I want to extend my social life but myself is stopping me — I’m already used on this tranquility. Time molded me to become independent — to stand by myself without the recognition of others. Ironically, I want want to be recognized and appreciated however because no one could, I became numb.

As days goes by, I’m asking myself just like today “Why am I alone? Am I hard to love? Is there something with me? Am I not enough nor good-looking?” Various questions circling inside my head. What’s wrong with me, really?

I’m already tired of this loneliness. It’s suffocating. I longed for a warm love and sincerity but I’m so unlucky. Until today I’m asking myself. Am I not worthy to be loved? What is Love? What’s the feeling of being loved and unconditionally accepted. 

I’m scared of my future. But, I’ll keep my heads high and smile. Regardless of this trivial adversary, I’ll liven without regrets. Whether, I’ll be loved or not. I’ll just put all my faith to God’s right time.


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