Starting over again

As we grew old, we experience changes; in life, views and personality.Those unchangeable things will suddenly melt into something brand new, this transformation will either be a good or bad one.

As I took step to a new journey in life and have widen my vision to a greater landscape. These unfamiliar world. Full of uncertainties. While, here I am, half scared and half excited. Scared of those big failures I might face, of those ordeals I might encounter at the same time, strong-willed to learn new things, to be knowledgeable onto the field I eagerly pursue.

I’m trying to adapt, gradually, I’m getting used to. In a new environment, I’m blind, slowly getting sight of the real world. But then, I smiled wholeheartedly, I love this. I want it. To learn and be well-honed individual. These is the start of creating my future, the beginning of… the real step, a walk into life.


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