I stumble onto something complex and unexpected. I was blinded of lies and false hopes that blocked my eyesight to see the beauty of my surroundings. The flowers bloom as spring brought another start for nature, the trees dances happily while various birds singing orchestrally, wind blows bringing forth the fragrance and fallen petals of blossoming flowers and rivers in tranquility calms the hot rays of sunny which resulted to astonishing rainbow symbolizing how colorful life is. 

Failures and rejections were part of our life however it shouldn’t be considered a burden instead a encouragement and strength for us to walk forward and trail the rough and thorny road of the real world. No matter what happens I can’t change the past anymore but it’s never too late to change the end-result. There are always ways to amend those mistakes. Somewhere in my life I didn’t know that despite of the cruelty and corruption of the outside world. There is always a paradise waiting for all of us. The world may be the living hell but our experience will always change if we surrender ourselves to God and seek for His guidance and protection. Paradise. 


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