‘Beware of’

Cars are perfect for convenient transportation, it gives the owner a fast and comfortable ride towards their desired destination. Everyone can avail cars despite of their financial instability through various ways like loan or split payment. But, one can only be capable of using such financial support when he/she has a stable work. On the other hand, those who were successful in their careers can afford luxurious cars such as sports cars and/or antique cars. Hence, a lot of people make use of having a car as measurement of financial status. It is more apparent in our society nowadays, especially in my country — Philippines. I don’t know if such ways of judgement and stereotype exist in other foreign countries or places. But, I will talk about my experience with above-mentioned twisted perception.

We, humans, are a proud and socialite, being so it’s no wonder why we love to show off our achievements, social status, beauty, etc.,. Well, I’m not saying everyone is like that, but A LOT were. Furthermore, the sudden and huge rise of social media that became an efficient way of communication and media sharing has given people the opportunity to display their life, literally. (Just look at those people who shares about their daily activities on Facebook, just WTF!) Yes, you’re right, I shouldn’t meddle with their own businesses, but all of us should be responsible and moderate doing such because not all people want to see the same face every minute in their Newsfeeds. I almost jumped into a totally different topic lol. Okay, going back to our main topic about gold diggers. Yes, that’s my real concern here Haha!

I met a lot of gold diggers and unfortunately, seriously fell in love with them. Well, it was an extremely painful experience that has greatly changes my impression of women, yes, I learnt to generalize them in the past. However, as I age, I also develop a deep understanding and of why women does sort of things. Mostly, is for them to show off in social media or to their friends or might as well consider ‘just being practical’ in life. Because if they have the financial support of their sugar daddy or rich boyfriend they will have the ability to buy their expensive personal wants. Thus, they can brag their iPhones, expensive bags, clothes, jewelries, shoes, etc., to everyone if posted in social media.

So, what did I learn from my experience? Do not give things you’re not financially capable of. Tell her your financial status. Unconditionally love and accept her. Dream together.


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