Writing is love

Writing is one of the essential ways of communication, it was used since stone age. It may be, formal, informal or even an art. Hence, I’m really enthusiastic to write and express my thoughts, ideas and opinions through writing. However, I’m hindered by lacking vocabulary and English mastery. I want to share a lot of things by using English as my primary language as it was used globally and professionally. Despite of criticisms towards my English skills, I’m always doing and giving my best to learn and improve my level of comphrehension and articulation.

English language used by the society to measure intelligence of the people. With that, a lot of people was scared to express themselves using English because they are scared to be judged as a uneducated individual. And, I’m one of those people — an individual who has been discriminated just because of my weak communicative skills. Thus, I was scared to talk in English because there are a lot of people who will be jugding what you say.

The society today was occupied by people with twisted judgement and reasoning. Consequently, people suffered from diffident behaviors and weak composure. As a graduate srudent, I’m a poor English writer and speaker however it doesn’t stop me from learning and developing myself for I know that learning is a continuous process and it is a lifetime. Furthermore, one will only be able to efficiently refine his/her English skills through regular exposure into a English environment.


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